Plan and track your financial goals

Create your financial goals, track them and share with your squad to keep you accountable. Sqoals is #Squad + #Goals
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Personal Finance made simple

Create a Goal

Create a financial goal from experience and savings to informational based goals. Select from a default goal or create a custom one.

Track & Connect your Squad

Keep track of your goals with an easy dashboard that notifies you when your goals are off track. Need help staying accountable? Share with your Squad.

Save, Learn and Grow

Link your goal to your bank account and start saving. Learn more about how to manage your finances with content from financial experts and grow.

Learn with LISA

Free online courses to help you reach financial independence

Learn with LISA is our online course catalog with tons of content to help you gain or improve your financial knowledge. Take lessons to help you with all your personal finance goals.

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Track your financial goals like a pro

Your personalized Financial Advisor in your pocket

Enter a few pieces of data and find out if you have enough saved for that awesome trip or concert. Not on track? we tell you how to fix it to get right back on track.

Vetted recommendations you can trust

Set a goal and get vetted product and service recommendations to help you reach those goals.

Sqoals Invest + Savings

Coming soon

Open an investment account and savings account with Sqoals and start investing and saving instantly.

Easily funds from your linked bank account.
FDIC insured savings account.
Pick your own portfolio mix or use the default.

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